Saturday, June 25, 2005

Artist in Residence (well, temporarily anyway....)

Ocracoke attracts artists....guitar pickers, writers, photographers, potters and a lot of wannabees. You can find them anywhere in the village..on the beach...

While attending Dale and Jaren's wedding on the beach this week, I noticed an artist up the beach a bit. Watching him paint was a piece of art into itself. With his palette held in his left hand, his right hand was capturing the beauty of the summer's day...the colors of the Solstice.

Oil on oil.

Color on color.

As the ceremony was ending, he too was wrapping up his work for the day...folding up the easal while balancing the painting. As we waited for him....I was caught up in the romance of an artist on the beach, I actually thought he was wearing a French beret (it turned out to be a ball cap!) When we were close enough to catch a glimpse of "our" artist, Philip actually recognized him as this week's renter in Lawton's cottage. He and his wife, Connie, are here for the week. She is an artist as well supplying the Village Craftsmen with her pottery.

We followed him to the car as he gently placed his painting into the back of his car (great place for drying oil paintings, he said!)

Conversation poured as quickly as the pouring of a French wine. His name is Ken McIndoe and he is a painter by profession. Over the course of the week, we have seen him about the beach and village....down at the water, on Howard Street, in the back yard...painting, always painting.

His work can be seen in a gallery in Bordentown, New Jersey. The name of the gallery is the Artfull Deposit (it used to be a bank!)

How nice to think that the summer beach on Ocracoke Island will hang in a gallery and maybe brighten up a long New Jersey winter.

Lou Ann


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