Thursday, June 09, 2005

I think I'll just go in and carve a bird....

It was a typical Thursday here on the island...a morning walk on the beach, shell collecting, and the first swim of the season. At first the water was cool enough to catch your breath, but after we got used to it, it was absolutely beautiful. The sky and sea were all shades of sapphire and turquoise. Of course we couldn't stay long as there are always chores to do and errands to run (even on your day off!)

We made the usual stops....the community store, the bank, the post office and the island recycling center. It is often full of treasures for the taking, but today it was hot and steamy so we just dropped off our own bottles and cans and visited with William Nathan who works there. As we were leaving, we called out, "Don't work too hard in this heat." to which he promptly replied, "I think I'll just go in and carve a bird."

Next time you visit, make sure you hunt up some of his wood carvings, maybe you will even find the one he did today!

Lou Ann

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