Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Solstice Moon...

Today is the solstice..followed by last night's full moon. It seems as if the island is full of romance. The past few days there have been several couples in the shop telling stories of their weddings on the beach...at sunrise or sunset. They come from North Carolina or Minnesota or Ohio.

Today one of our own island couples will be married at 2:00 on the beach. Jaren and Dale have the perfect island romance. Girl moves to island and meets island boy. They fall in love on the mosquito spray truck....sigh, don't you just love romance?

I hosted a bridal shower for Jaren on Saturday evening...come for Saturday supper, I said. No invitations necessary...just a call or two. It was probably typical of most bridal showers...we drank champagne and told "girl stories." The biggest difference was that most ladies were barefoot (or flip flops!) and arrived on bicycle.

So today at 2:00 we will all meet at the beach.... walk barefoot down to the shoreline...and with salt water and wind in our faces...share in their celebration. Congratulations, Jaren and Dale...may you live happily ever after.

Lou Ann


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  1. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Very romatic, I think several other couples should follow in their footsteps, names....oh, you know