Saturday, June 18, 2005

Charming Blue Eyes

My daughter Amy stopped by this morning during breakfast. Lachlan was with her, dressed in dark blue shorts and a light blue shirt. It is difficult to not dress him in blue. His eyes are so arresting -- and he is such a charmer. He is walking all about now, negotiating thresholds, stepping over obstacles on the floor, even removing the hinge pin from my front door.

Captain Rob Temple (of the schooner Windfall) and his daughter Caroline sing a song, "Being a Pirate is All Fun & Games" [til somebody loses an ear, etc.]. The chorus "A Pirate, A Pirate!" is accompanied by a raised right arm and clenched fist. You've probably already guessed -- Lachlan has learned to pump his right arm up and down at the cue, "A Pirate, A Pirate."

Well, he does it most of the time....and, OK, he does bonk his head now and then, especially if he happens to be holding a toy when someone shouts "A Pirate, A Pirate!" But he is cute!


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