Friday, June 17, 2005

Dreamin' on the pizer...

It was late when we arrived home last night...there was a pot luck going away party for Charles, a young teacher on the island who will be studying in Oxford, England this summer...ticket taking for Molasses Creek...then riding our bikes home through the darkness on Howard Street.

The night was too beautiful to go inside, so we sat outside on the pizer (front porch). With the moon half full and the sky dripping with diamonds, Philip took out his harmonica for a late night serenade. The music of the tunes and the creak of the old porch swing were the only sounds to be heard on the sleeping island.

A good night for dreamin' on the pizer.

Lou Ann


  1. I just had to check ya'll out because I miss you! The Book Club was okay but only Susan, Barb and I came...Erin had some Father's Day shopping to do. (Don't ask). I will try and check on you often. I am putting the site on my favorites. I have sent FWCS my license and just waiting for their board to approve me. Mindy does not want to do Family WW. I asked Pam if she would since she came anyway. She is interested. Stay safe and continue having a wonderful summer. Kathy

  2. Anonymous9:14 PM

    I was there last Sunday-Tuesday. I'm back in Ohio now and miss the island and the rest of the Outer Banks terribly already. Thank you Philip for giving me permission to use one of your pictures for a hooked rug wall hanging. I will send a picture when it is done. Thank you for your journal that connects me daily to my beloved Outer Banks. Becky,Dellroy,Oh.