Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Creative Invention

Yesterday a vacationing customer commented that she had taken her school-age son out of school for the week. However, as penance, on his return he was required to have built or submit plans for a simple machine or device, using common household items, that had a new or different purpose.

I built such a device today and hereby provide details for all of you folks who enjoy Ocracoke's isolated and relatively unpopulated beaches.

Find an old crab pot buoy and attach to it a thin but sturdy piece of line about 8 to 10 feet long. Tie a lead weight to the other end (a number of sinkers or a decoy anchor will work). At a local store, purchase a cheap mesh bag with a draw string closure and affix it to the top of the buoy.

Once you've found your favorite isolated beach take your device out into the ocean and drop the lead weight(s) to the bottom. Put your bathing suit in the mesh bag and pull the drawstring shut. You can now enjoy the surf and the waves as nature intended, without having to keep an eye open for the occasional park ranger.

How convenient is that?


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