Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A Busy Few Days

The Ocrafolk Festival was a huge success. Lots of great music, storytelling, and crafts -- all by talented folks, both islanders and friends of Ocracoke. Lou Ann helped with the children's program and hosted a poetry reading; I shared a few island stories. led the square dance, and played auctioneer.

On Sunday night a number of musicians and vendors stopped by my new home to wind down the weekend. It was a fitting end to a musical weekend, but understandably low key (everyone was happy, but tired).

Yesterday was for catch-up. Cleaning, organizing, washing, installing kitchen cabinets.....until 5 o'clock. After an hour's rest (the hammock on my screened porch may be my very favorite possession!) we entertained visiting off-island friends (OK, they brought the meal.....but I baked the fig cake).

So summer seems to have begun. We're busy, but it's a good busy -- family, friends, music, food, and fun. Life is good.


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  1. Philip -- The GreenTuna clan is once again making preparations to make the journey East. Have you started your Ghost Tours again for the summer? We would be in town the week of June 20th. Last year we did the "Old Diver" tour (not Point, I think?). Will you possibly be doing the other tour during the week of the 20th? Inquiring fans want to know! you can email at greentuna at gmail dot com.