Friday, June 10, 2005


After a few days of unpacking...and getting settled back into island life, I have now started back to work at the Village Craftsmen. Most days I need to arrive by 9:00 in the morning. I have two choices each morning....should I walk on the clam filled street down to the shop..or should I take the overgrown pathway? Either way I have figured out that if I leave the house when the church bells begin at 9:00, I can be in the shop by the time the last bell is rung.

It's all in a morning's commute!

Lou Ann


  1. Hi, Lou Ann! I hope you're having fun! I'll start checking this journal for your updates now, too. :)

    -Lynn Paquin

  2. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Lou Ann,

    I stumbled across this blog a while back. Thank you for the window on your world.

    I just finished grinding through another gas-fueled hour in the VW that carries me from oaks and maples in my yard to cubicles and concrete where I work. Reading about your choice of clam shells or underbrush certainly sheds a new light on commuting.

    It may be time for me to re-think a few things ...

    James in Pennsylvania