Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Sometimes I am amazed at how many shades of green there are. Bright green, blue green, yellow green, dark green.....and so many shades of variation among them. Sitting on our porch swing in the late afternoon we marvel at so many greens surrounding us. The live oaks, the different types of cedars, the yaupons, myrtles, and oleanders. Between, around, & above are vines of even more shades of green. Virginia creeper, briars, English ivy....and prodigious amounts of poison ivy.

It rained last night. This morning the leaves and branches are heavy with water droplets, and all is lush and vibrant.....and green in grand profusion.


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  1. Anonymous10:20 AM

    I live in Manchester, NH. I read the journal as a stress reliever. It works each and every time. Your writing is such that my brain goes "ahh, I know about that".
    I can't even describe reading the journal in the winter.
    Thank you so very much.