Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And the Winner is.....

.....Lynn from South Boston, Virginia.

Congratulations, Lynn, for solving our first ever Ocracoke crossword puzzle, and for being chosen, at random, from among the correct entries. We will be sending you a $25.00 gift certificate that you can use on your next visit to Village Craftsmen.

If you would like to try your hand at the puzzle (or if you already tried it and were stumped) you can see it (and a link to the solution) by clicking here.

Thanks to everyone who gave it a try and sent in their entries. It was fun to create, and I hope you had fun working on it.


  1. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Just curious--how many entries came in? And for that matter, do you have any sense of (or is there any way for you to gauge) the extent of your readership?

  2. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Go Lynn!!!

  3. About the extent of our readership -- I don't have any way of knowing. I've never installed a hit counter on the journal. But I do know that all summer long folks walk up to the Village Craftsmen counter and tell us how much they enjoy reading the journal and keeping up with island news. So I'm guessing the readership is fairly extensive. With that said, we only received ten entries for the crossword puzzle. And only half of them were correct. Maybe some of the clues and words were a bit obscure. But I would have been much more concerned if no one had been able to figure it out. On the other hand, I didn't want it to be so easy that it wasn't a challenge. Again, thanks to all who worked on the puzzle, and congratulations again to Lynn.

  4. Don't gauge the readership of your website by the number of entries for the crossword puzzle. I couldn't even complete the puzzle with help from GOOGLE!! Nice work, Philip.

  5. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Great job on the puzzle. You realize you've started something and we'll expect another sometime.
    I felt like I probably had a couple wrong when I submitted my answers but, I still can't figure out 40 across - "So. Cal artists group". I had SAG (screen actors guild), that's all I could think of. What is LAA? L.A. Angels comes to mind but that's not an artist group. Please enlighten me.
    Congratulations Lynn!

  6. Anonymous8:11 PM

    YAY! Thank you so very much! My sons and I had a great time doing the puzzle together. I'll be down in June and later in July to spend my gift certificate. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Lynn :o)

  7. OK, I guess the puzzle was a tad difficult. But I hope it was still fun!

    "Southern Calif. Artists Group? abbr" -- I put the question mark there to indicate that maybe there wasn't actually such a group, but there could be. "Los Angeles Artists" perhaps?? What else was I going to do with LAA except re-write the whole puzzle. :)

    Another one that folks found obscure was "4 14s of 26." -- Four of the 14th letter of the alphabet (26 letters). I actually saw a similar clue in a professionally created crossword puzzle.

    I was counting on the "crosswords" to help out on some of the more obscure words (e.g. 31 down is "selig" the German word for happy or blessed. Google should have been able to give that one even if you didn't speak German.

    Oh yes, Shute and Hant are actually in my dictionary, so I felt it was OK to use them.

    Thanks to everyone who gave it a try!


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