Sunday, February 17, 2008


On Friday night the Ocracoke Jazz Society gave a free performance at Deepwater Theater. Well, it wasn't exactly free. Everyone was asked to bring a dessert to share. About fifty people came out. Chairs were arranged around tables with red tablecloths and candles. And the show was terrific. Serge (sp?), the band leader, played his clarinet. April was on bass, Lou on dobrow and guitar. Leonard, in red vest, added his banjo to the mix, and Rollin tickled those piano keys. Bobby kept the rhythm with his drums and cymbals. Rachel's voice was mesmerizing, in English as well as in French. It was a truly memorable night of talented entertainment. Rosemary commented to me afterward that she would close her eyes and feel like she was in a jazz club in New York City. Then she'd open her eyes and be happy she was right here on Ocracoke enjoying such splendid music.

In other news, I heard through the gape vine that one of the Cedar Island ferries had mechanical problems a few days ago and ended up on a shoal. Maybe some of our readers can fill in the details about what happened.

And finally, an apology. If you've looked at the crossword puzzle I created (see link below) you may have noticed a mistake. I spelled the capital of the Bahamas incorrectly. Sorry about that. So I filled in 59 across (with Nasau), and now everyone gets one freebie. I hope you'll have fun with the puzzle (and have a chance to win a $25.00 gift certificate). You can see the puzzle and read details at

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