Monday, February 25, 2008

Angels & Devils

The surf was rough last week, and the tide higher than usual. Walking along the shoreline I picked up several gifts from the sea. Angel shells are delicate and are often broken by the pounding waves, but I spied two (on different days) lying right at the water's edge.

In the course of the week I also found two devil's pocketbooks. At least that's what we call them. I understand that they are actually skate egg cases. But devil's pocketbook sure seems to describe them well.

And then I was lucky enough to pick up three small scotch bonnets. They are all colored gray or black from their contact with other minerals, but they are at least whole. Maybe I'll come back with another treasure this afternoon.

It's too late to enter our crossword puzzle contest, but you can still try to work out the puzzle by clicking here. I'll publish the winner and the solution on Thursday.

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  1. Anonymous7:56 PM

    I mailed my entry last Thursday from Ohio. Worked hard on it with my 85 year old neighbor who loves crosswords, so I sure hope you get it before you announce the winner. Let's just hope the mail truck doesn't get stuck. Carol in Ohio (not the artist, but retired teacher and Ocracoke campground lover)


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