Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Bridge Update & Late 1970s Outage

Here is the latest update on the power outage: Cape Hatteras Electric Corporation is estimating a "4-6 day timeframe [later this morning it was revised to 3-5 days....keep checking Tideland for the latest updates] from now for complete transmission restoration."

And here is our history post (another tale of power interruption):

In the fall or winter of the late 1970s (no one seems to remember exactly when) someone shot the transmission cable suspended from the underside of the Herbert C. Bonner bridge. Power was interrupted to Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands for days. I haven't been able to locate any news reports about that incident. Some people I spoke with think a hunter was the initial suspect, but authorities later decided it was an act of vandalism. I am wondering if any of our readers can shed more light. 


This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is a contemporary account of the December 24, 1899 wreck of the Steamship Ariosto. You can read the Newsletter here:


  1. Happy Birthday Philip

  2. Well Happy Birthday! Something we share that in common. :-)

  3. Interestingly, I can't find mention of it either...

  4. Anonymous7:58 AM

    How does one celebrate a birthday on an Island suffering so? Have things been so horrible PH or has one lived as if just stepping back in time and living as if one just stepped foot on the island back in the 19th century? Really curious and not trying to make light (oops!) of the situation merely asking for some perspective and stiff upper lip mindset. Sell T-shirts "2017 Ocracoke Island Evacuee" Heart of Darkness OBX or Heart of OBX Darkness or 2017 Ocracoke Island Boatlift crew Hairy Cruise OBX Boat lift Captain

    1. Really, we just celebrated as usual. The island is running on emergency generators so the ice cream cake was frozen solid. Happy Birthday to Lachlan, too, of course!