Friday, August 25, 2017

Of the Inlets and Havens of this Country

Ocracoke Inlet is the only North Carolina Inlet that has been continuously open since Europeans first began keeping records.

This is what John Lawson wrote in his 1709 account, A New Voyage to Carolina; Containing the Exact Description and Natural History of That Country: Together with the Present State Thereof. And a Journal of a Thousand Miles, Travel'd Thro' Several Nations of Indians. Giving a Particular Account of Their Customs, Manners, &c. (London, 1709):

"Ocacock is the best Inlet and Harbour yet in this Country; and has 13 Foot at Low-water upon the Bar. There are two Channels; one is but narrow, and lies close aboard the South Cape; the other in the Middle, viz. between the Middle Ground, and the South Shoar, and is above half a Mile wide. The Bar itself is but half a Cables Length over, and then you are in 7 or 8 Fathom Water; a good Harbour. The Course into the Sound is N. N. W. At High-water, and Neap-tides, here is 18 Foot Water. It lies S. W. from Hatteras Inlet. Lat. 35° 8″."

The above photo of Oregon Inlet [this photo was initially mislabeled Ocracoke Inlet; see comments below] was made by Garrett Fisher in 2014. Click here to see more stunning photos, and lean more about his book, Sea of Change: Flying the Outer Banks.

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter is a brief history of Howard's Pub. You can read it here:  


  1. that pic appears to be Oregon Inlet

    1. Of course, you are correct. That is Oregon Inlet. I will make the correction.


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