Monday, August 14, 2017

Hyde County Medicine, 1889

The following article comes from The Washington Gazette (Washington, Beaufort Co. N.C.) - Thursday, August 14, 1889; pg. 3; column 2. It was republished in Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles for Hyde Co., NC (1796 - 1940).


SWAN QUARTER, Hyde Co. N.C. - Miss Jennie WHITLEY one of the principals of the Misses WHITLEY and BROWN High School, at Washington, now teaching a public school at Otales Chapel, in Hyde county, had one of her pupils bitten by a ground rattlesnake. There being no physician near by and the little boy two or three miles from home, Miss WHITLEY sent to a near neighbor’s house, procured a pint or more of Holland gin and gave her little patient a sufficient quantity, as in her good judgment would have the desired effect, first having bandaged the boy’s leg above the wound remembering the old adage that “the hair of the hound would cure the wound.” But seeking no further friendship for the snakeship [sic], took a toad frog, cut it open and bound the bleeding side to the wound; she then sent her little patient to his home. Dr. William O. WHITFIELD was called at once, but upon examination of the case found that Miss WHITLEY had so treated in the outset that the patient need not fear for the safety of the child. The little boy is well and out again declaring his intentions to bruise the serpent’s head. [Kindly submitted by Robert Henderson]

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  1. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Curious anecdote of historic prevalence. I proclaim interesting thus remind oneself of the lifestyle changes afforded to modern living. Having heard past times that no snake of venom condition on island in this time. Is this fact true worthy? Again once entreated interesting web blog even for one unlearned in the language of English. Practice good by interacting with this resource of further expansion knowledge. Much thanks! Vladimir

    1. I have been told there are no venomous snakes on Ocracoke, but others tell me that there are. So, I am not sure.

      Keep reading and practicing your English. That's the ticket to improvement.