Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1810 Census

I still haven't had time to peruse all of the census links several readers shared in recent comments. But, relying on Ellen Fulcher Cloud's transcriptions, today I will share details of the 1810 Ocracoke census:

172 whites (90 males & 82 females), and 44 slaves were living on Ocracoke. Only 19 of the white residents were 45 or more years old (ages of slaves were not indicated). There were 45 boys & 39 girls under the age of 16. 37 families are represented (4 Jacksons, 5 Howards, 5 Williamses, 7 O'Neals, 3 Gaskins, 1 Garrish, 1 Dayley, 2 Scarboroughs, 4 Gaskills, 1 Bragg, 1 Harvey, 1 Salter, 1 Wahab, & 1 Grace).

Six women are listed as "head of house." Four households have just one member -- Simon Howard, Caswell Gaskins, William Grace, & Thomas Gaskill (the only single person household to have slaves...six, the most in any one house).

(See the posts for August 9 & 12 if you want to compare any of the data for 1790, 1800, & 1810.)
Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is Lou Ann's story of the Night Blooming Cereus Cactus. You can read it here: http://www.villagecraftsmen.com/news072111.htm.


  1. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Okay, Philip, as if you don't already have enough on your plate, I hesitate to ask this question, but here goes....

    Since I'm a widow (April, 2009), are any of the six women listed as "head of household" also widows? I wonder if their husbands died at sea? Did they have the sole responsibility of raising any children on the island alone?

    Thanks for listening....

  2. I also wondered about the women who were "head of household," but didn't have time enough to investigate. I will look into it...and let you know what I discover. It may be a while, or maybe I'll get right on it. I do have a lot on my plate, though.

  3. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Thanks, Philip, for adding my question to your lengthy "always to do" list! I know I'll appreciate your research whenever you can get to it.....no rush! Perhaps a question to be researched in the late fall or winter!