Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Morning

About a dozen friends stopped by last night. We told stories, laughed, and carried on until about 10 o'clock. Most of us had completed the majority of our hurricane preparations and we just needed to relax and enjoy the company of friends. There is not a lot that needs to be done right now...just time to wait and see.

I will post updates as I hear or see anything of interest.

Many thanks to all of our readers for expressions of concern for Ocracoke and its residents. If history is any indication, Ocracoke will survive and recover from whatever Mother Nature throws at us. I hope I am correct. My house has been here for over one hundred years...and since the rehabilitation project it is sturdier now than it has ever been.


  1. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Good luck Phillip and to everyone else at Village Craftsmen and the rest of the island.

  2. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Philip, you hit the nail on the head this morning. I, too, have been thinking about the "toughness" of Ocracoke and the history of the island and it's can-do people, which has stood through many challenges for such a long time.

    I have been thinking about the Ocracoke lighthouse....built in 1823 and the numerous strong hurricanes which have blown through the island and battered that white tower since that time. The lighthouse still stands tall and the hardy people who live on the island. It has survived many a mighty storm.

    I have been thinking about the O.I. ponies and how many presistently difficult storms these animals have survived hundreds of years. Yet, their off spring happily graze on the northend of Ocracoke Island.

    I have been thinking about the huge, twisted live oak trees @ Springer's Point that I so admire and stand in awe. Each are so vast that I can't put my arms around their mighty trunks; yet, some are hundreds of years old. Many have also stood through such powerful storms and those live oaks are testimony that Ocracoke Island does survive.

    What doesn't destroy us, makes us stronger.

    My prayers are with you and the island. Whatever happens, or doesn't happen, you are right, Philip, Ocracoke Island will survive Irene.

    This Person county, NC mainlander sends her best to all there.

  3. Jack and Toni Walls7:02 AM

    Prayers going out to all of you on Ocracoke. We began coming there a few years ago and feel most at peace when we are there. Hoping to be there in a few weeks.

  4. bill kostar7:34 AM

    The trees at Springer's Point and around the island have been shaped by the wind for many decades and th eislanders are every bit as native and resourceful.
    Best wishes to everyone and we'll hope that Irene becomes nothing more than another great stroy of life on the island.

  5. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone who has chosen to ride it out.

  6. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Thanks Phillip for your early am update-imagine it's hard to stay asleep today. Haven't turned out the television but saw on line a bit of Irene in the tropics overnight. Understand the tough genetic breeding of you O'cokers-it's in the blood. I hope and pray Irene grazes you lightly. It's a beautiful cool blue morning here in Illinois after 90's this week. Hope yours is as nice. Will be thinking and sending prayers out on your behalf until she's over. Sue M

  7. Anonymous9:46 AM

    My husband and I made our first trip to OBX in 08 and returned there to be married in 09. It is a beautiful special place and we pray for it as it and you all prepare for the storm. We will continue to lift all up in prayer as this unfolds. Thoughts and love from Alabama.

  8. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Good luck to everyone riding the storm out in Ocracoke. I'll be checking this journal often for updates...thanks, Philip!

  9. Peg Chapman11:32 AM

    Prayers are being lifted up for you and all life on the Island. Stay safe!

  10. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Y'all hang in there - we will be praying and will come to help you all recover if need be.

  11. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Anyone there have a live cam set up? I've never seen a house swept away from the inside perspective before.

    One of things I remember about Ocracoke houses that have survived past storms is the fact they survived because the people who lived in them cut holes in the floor so that the building wouldn't float but just get flooded. You might want to take that into consideration in your survival calculations.

    Liberty Valance

  12. We're thinking of all of our friends on Ocracoke, wishing you a safe place to ride out the storm, and hoping to see you in a few weeks time. Take good care! Pete & Annie Mathews

  13. Be safe. I hope you can keep blogging but most of all be safe. We love Ocracoke.

  14. So you're staying!?! I'll be thinking and everyone and of every building and I'll keep a watch on my favorite place.

  15. Jeff Ware12:55 PM

    Ocracoke and it's people hold a special place in our hearts. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

  16. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Watching the weather and saying many prayers for my favorite place on earth. Stay Safe!

  17. Anonymous1:20 PM

    best of luck to you and yours and phyisical island of Ocracoke. So glad our annual week was last week, and not this week as is our norm...

    Really hoping it isn't more than can be handled.

  18. Send best wishes from across the ocean in Ireland, Philip.

  19. Anonymous2:06 PM

    When I arrived home a few moments ago, there was my VC package waiting for me. Jude and staff made certain my order was shipped even with all the hecticness of Irene. That's just so typical.... Ocracoke folks always thinking of others.

    Philip, I hope Jude and staff will see my note. Thanks so much from the Person county NC mainlander. (Anon 6:57)

  20. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Praying for you guys! My husband and I have our very first trip planned to the OBX next weekend- staying in Ocracoke- hope all is well, safe and sound and we get to come and enjoy all you have to offer. Prayers from Greensboro, NC. B. Moon

  21. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Good luck Phillip , stay safe, our thoughts are with you, your family and the village of Ocracoke and its residents. My 8 year old daughter, well she is concern with the ponies, especially the one she adopted last year, Rebecca. I told her, they been through many of storms and will be okay.
    Stay safe, The Richards

  22. Anonymous3:28 PM

    The picture of calm--that's what I see on the Silver Lake Harbor Webcam at 3:30 Thursday afternoon. Not so much as a rippled wave or a ruffled feather on the dock. Good to see. Hope things stay that way.

  23. Betty Brightside4:25 PM

    Thank you for keeping us up to date on what's happening there...we hope to visit again this October, even if the island has shifted a little to the side! I have to have my OK Island 'fix' so here's hoping the storm goes easy on you all...stay safe, you will be in my thoughts. Betty Brightside, NJ