Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We've had power for some time now. And finally I am able to access the Internet (the battery in my back up system had died).

I spent most of the day yesterday cutting up limbs and carrying 6 pickup truck loads to the chipper. I probably have 4-6 more loads before I'm finished. As you might imagine, my 67 year old body is rebelling today! Maybe I'll take the morning off.

As almost all of our readers know, Ocracoke fared extremely well in hurricane Irene -- a few trees and limbs down, shingles blown off here and there, and other fairly moderate damage to boats, windows, and roofs. But no tidal flooding! Unfortunately other Outer Banks communities and towns elsewhere in Irene's path had significant damage. We send heartfelt thoughts and wishes for a speedy and full recovery their way. As I learn of concrete ways to help I will post that information on this journal.

Many thanks to all of our readers who kept up-to-date information flowing through various social media resources. I am sure it was very helpful.

I am expecting Amy, David, & Lachlan...and other friends and neighbors...back this afternoon. By the time visitors return to Ocracoke there will be few signs that Irene ever made landfall here.

Please check official sources (NCDOT, realty offices, etc.) before returning to Ocracoke. I expect Highway 12 to be impassable for quite a while, but Swan Quarter and Cedar Island ferries should be running normal schedules soon.

In a day or two I plan to write a few words explaining my reasons for remaining on Ocracoke as hurricane Irene was approaching.

Again, many thanks to all of our readers who let us know you were thinking of us, and wishing us well during this major storm. We hope to see you on the island soon!

Heartfelt thanks also to Lou Ann for keeping everyone informed with frequent posts. What would I do without her!


  1. Glad you are "back". Lou Ann did a great job.

  2. Don & Mandy Davis10:13 AM

    Hi, Philip!
    Glad to hear that you - and Ocracoke - are doing well. Lou Ann did a very good job keeping us informed. Take care, and Mandy & I will see you next June!


  3. Anonymous10:21 AM

    thanks for the update, Philip. we are so thankful that you & our friends on the island are safe & well. take good care of yourself & rest as you can. we came through the earthquake & Irene here in southern MD with little or no damage & just stories to tell. the folks south & east of us had significantly more damage from fallen trees, etc.

    Sherrill & Bill Page

  4. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Philip, all I can say is...I think God must love Ocracoke as much as you do.

  5. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Thanks for keeping us updated. Is power still on. They said the island us back running on generator power after main power failed after 7 hours. "waiting for officials to decide the fait of route 12" is what I'm reading

  6. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Glad that all is as well as it is. Wishing you a good reunion with your family and friends.

  7. Philip - Glad you are okay, and understand your being tired. Cutting trees and hauling can make a body very weary - we know! Don't need to explain to us why you stay - we know that, too. If we lived there we would have stayed, also. Hopefully, we can still make it to our Island in Oct/Nov for a nice stay. Stay well and rested. Thank you for all the updates.

    JT & Didi McConnell

  8. Anonymous1:33 PM


    I don't know you - but, your info has been the best to keep us informed. My son and family have planned a vacation to Ocracoke starting on Friday Sept 2. Any chance we will be able to keep our plans? We've had the trip planned for months and we looking forward to our first trip to your beautiful island.

    Thanks for your help!

    Linda in Michigan

  9. Thank you so much to Lou Ann for being your voice, but it is wonderful to see you writing yourself! Am grateful you are okay!

  10. Happy to hear that you made it thru the hurricane. Please post any info on how we can help people on Hatteras Island. We plan to visit Ocracoke in Sept. Can't wait to see the island again. We have visited Outer Banks since 1970.

    The Beaches

  11. Sue Neiman1:50 PM

    We have also been following your blog and thank you for information... My daughter is coming down from Virginia to get married there on 9.10.11 so, needless to say, we have been concerned... I am coming from southern Indiana and we have friends coming from MD and NH. My daughter informed us that we can not take the ferry from Hatteras, but can get on at Swan Quarter or Cedar Island, as you mentioned!! Thank you again for sharing and take it easy on yourself!!!

    Sue Neiman

  12. Anonymous2:50 PM

    We've never had a hurricane but we have seen our share of storm damage. It's tedious, tiresome, and time consuming-and frankly lonely when you are by yourself. Take it easy when you can. Know you'll enjoy seeing friends and family return today and share all the stories. Saw a video on FB today-a fly over. Rt.12 up north is under a lot of sand and water in spots. Thanks for keeping us O-lovers informed! Sue M

  13. CJ from Cincinnati2:52 PM

    Glad you are back Phillip. Lou Ann did a great job updating everyone. Glad to hear Ocracoke made it through Irene with little damage and everyone on the island are okay. We'll be visiting again next May. See you then.

  14. Anonymous3:45 PM

    I was curious how your they grandson handled evacuating knowing you were staying. How do you explain something like that to a child to keep them from worrying?

  15. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Your Person county, NC mainlander blogger says "Welcome back, Philip!" and "Many thanks to Lou Ann for making us all feel a little easier even when news was scarce."

    So good to hear Ocracoke Island suffered a lot less damage than first thought. Our hearts go out to everyone from SC to Maine who have been affected with this unusual Irene. She was quite a tough gal when she wanted to be!

    Now, hoping her "sister" that is brewing out in the ocean will be much kinder than Irene and will leave everyone alone!

  16. debbie s.5:30 PM

    you stay because its your home, and you love the island. the same reasons i would stay, if I were blessed enough to live there.

    I am glad the island, homes and businesses fared well, and my heart breaks for the communities that were so devastated further up the beach.

    Take care and love your loved ones. :)For they are the most important thing to protect.

  17. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Anon 5:24 again... so nice to see the Ocracoke Harbor Inn web-cams working! Ah, what a beautiful view of Silver Lake Harbor!!!!! Wasn't able to get Captain's Landing or Ocracoke Airport web-cams yet. Maybe these web-cams will be available later in the week? I feel better now seeing a view of Ocracoke for myself!

  18. Anonymous5:42 PM

    this may sound like a ridiculous questions, but where do you take the debris?

  19. Phillip--as you wondered what you would do without Lou Ann, I believe the rest of us who love your island home and you as though it and you are part of our families were wondering the same thing. I am incredibly grateful for her blogging for you during the storm and even more so that you and Ocracoke survived unscathed.

  20. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Yes, Lou Ann is an angel.

  21. We're so glad that Ocracoke made it through the Hurricane and that there wasn't too much damage. Many thanks to Lou Ann for keeping us updated.