Monday, August 29, 2011

New Footage

Dear Family and Friends,

By the time you read this another day will have dawned on Ocracoke. Sunny. Warm. Clear skies.

As I write to you tonight, it is cool in the midwest. The windows are closed and I will actually toss on another blanket as Autumn begins to seep into our bloodlines.

I have been watching as the damage reports are rolling in. It is amazing that we know more than Philip or other folks on Ocracoke as their news sources are limited.

I am greatly saddened by the videos and reports of those folks around Ocracoke who are in such distress. With the road out, we can only speculate on what will happen to folks trying to get home...tourists with plans...or just getting supplies like milk or bread.

Time will bring stories with her, but in the meantime, there is great hardship ahead.

Here is a photo and a video that I could not stop watching.

Until morning,
Lou Ann


  1. Anonymous6:53 AM

    You are right, Lou is hard to watch and to fully comprehend what the next months will be for those living below the "new inlet". However, once SQ and CI ferry systems get going again, perhaps supplies can be sent via that route, albeit a much longer, tedious & more expensive one, I realize.

    The timing is difficult to swallow, of course. One wishes if it had to happen, Irene could have postponed her plans by two weeks so the businesses could have gotten through Labor Day. With that said, thank God that there wasn't as many deaths or injuries in this violent storm as it could have been.

    From what I can learn, it was the flooding this time which will put Irene down in the record books. The sound flooding and the ocean flooding was more like a Cat #3 storm rather than the Cat #1 storm Irene actually was when she made landfall.

    Whatever she was doesn't much matter now, does it? She has left her mark despite her name meaning "peace" as I wrote several days ago. It is what it is and we have lemonade to make now out of lemons.

    I am truly sorry for the difficult months ahead, but I know that the can-do spirit of the Outer Banks people, the resilience which we have all seen so many times in years past, will prevail.

    My prayers will not stop....

    I hope it won't be too long before everyone can be reunited again.

    As always, many thanks for your thoughts and info. I know this is extra painful for you to witness.

  2. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Still Anon 6:53 here....Just saw on NC Ferry web-site that PURPLE sticker folks (residents, I assume) are being allowed back on Ocracoke Island via SQ and CI ferry service. Also on twitter.

    This sounds very encouraging to me!

  3. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Is there a charitable organization set up that will give to the businesses and families there? Thankfully it sounds like many are ok health-wise, but I am sure the hardship of losing not just the last few weeks of summer, but the many months ahead in the sense of business and income? -Kerry

  4. Current info from Hyde County on reentry to Ocracoke:

  5. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Purple stickers are for emergency personnel only Green re entry stickers are for full time residents only (no property owners or visitors)

  6. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Hyde County officials have announced the beginning of a limited reentry procedure to portions of Hyde County. At this time, utilities, government officials, damage assessment teams, requested resources, essential personnel, and residents with proof of residency are allowed back into mainland Hyde County. On Monday, August 29, vehicles with a purple sticker will be allowed on the Swan Quarter and Cedar Island ferries to Ocracoke. This will allow infrastructure, utilities, and essential personnel to get in place for residents on the island. There is no reentry to Ocracoke for residents, non-resident property owners, or visitors until further notice.

  7. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Yes Lou Ann-the wheel is turning here in IL-am temps in 50's, leaves fallin, it's very very dry here in past month-no rain. Ironic! Yes the info that trickled in via social media networks and other media has been amazing but slow to begin with. It is very hard to watch some images and I agree-that inland flooding in NC and further will be awful to deal with in coming months. Sending thoughts and prayers out to all on the Banks and Ocracoke! Personally I would much rather be "stranded" at home vs ?-imagine others are as well! Sue M

  8. Anonymous2:14 PM

    It looks like the Harbor Inn webcam is working now

  9. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Any news of any kind? Is anyone else having trouble posting?

  10. Stargazr6:30 PM

    Hi Anonymous...I keep checking in and looking at the website hoping to hear some good news. Hope all is well.

  11. Anonymous7:31 PM

    WRAL posted a video of Ocracoke online

  12. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Thanks for rsvp-it took me several attempts published. Lou Ann blog has 11am post. Must be power problem on OI.

  13. Anonymous7:50 PM

    My mobile can't someone be kind enough to give me a brief synopsis of content?

  14. Debbie Leonard10:08 PM

    The village looks really good but Highway 12 is impassable; covered in many places with sand and water; this video had a time stamp of nearly four o'clock on Monday, 8/29. You could see some front end loaders beginning the sand removal process.

  15. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Phillip and LouAnn.. best aerial video of Ocracoke so far is here.... also shows the great work of our emergency folk toward the north end ..

    best, Warner

  16. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Debbie-so good of you to respond & nice description too. Obviously you didn't lose power-hope the same is true for your property. Thank you so much. Blessings.

  17. Debbie Leonard5:58 AM

    I don't live on Ocracoke; I am in NC, but in the piedmont area so all we had here was some wind and heavy rain. Like most on here, I am just an Ocracoke fan!