Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Clean Up

I discovered yesterday that Evan (he works at Village Craftsmen) was on the island. I called him, and he was happy to come over and help me clean up. We cut up more limbs and trees, and carried five more pickup truck loads to the chipper. We will probably have four or five more loads before we're finished. It looks like a mini-tornado touched down next to the gypsy wagon. Cedars, live oaks, yaupons, and vines were all tangled and twisted together.

I have also heard of some more serious structural damage on the island -- roofs stripped bare of shingles, water damage from torrential rain, trees on houses, and, of course, portions of Highway 12 damaged and covered with sand.

Residents were permitted to return to the island yesterday (Amy, David, & Lachlan are home), but I'm not sure when visitors will be allowed back. Much depends on repairing the main power line that runs down Hatteras Island. Power on Ocracoke is now being provided by the large emergency generator at the Tideland Electric plant behind the Island Inn. Different sections of the village are given power for several hours, then shut off for a couple of hours while another section is provided with power. Many thanks to all of the employees at Ocracoke's plant for their hard work and dedication!

I will publish more information whenever I hear anything official.


  1. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Good Morning, Philip! Hope those muscles aren't too sore with all the work you have been doing, cleaning up from Irene. The old gal was tricky....

    Yes, news from Ocracoke Island and Hatteras are on the local WRAL & WTVD stations. Larry Stogner and his camera man were on the island yesterday and reported that there is no definite word when the island would reopen for visitors. However, I know it must be wonderful to have Amy, David and little Lachlan back. You must be so glad to see them and they must be delighted to reunite with you.

    I guess the date for the Ocracoke school to resume classes is also very much uncertain at this time.

    Patience, patience and more patience. As well as time....This is definitely not the way everyone wants it to be right now with Labor Day weekend so close, but thank God the loss of life in NC is 7 and not 177.

    Hope today will bring everyone there some smiles and laughter admist all the hard work getting the island put back together.

    As the saying goes, "this too shall pass". Of course, there is no timeline to how long it takes. :)

    Thinking of all the wonderful folks there.

    Maybe you and Lachlan can take a few hours "off", head to the beach and find some treasures. Let us know, if you do.

    Keep the Faith, my friend.

  2. bill kostar8:14 AM

    Please tell me the wonderful old Springer's Point live oak just beyond Sam Jones' grave made it through the storm unscathed.
    You can see Teach's Hole from there and I'll bet that tree has lots of stories to tell!

  3. Anonymous8:29 AM

    I know the tree, Bill!!!!! I hope it came through unscathed.

    I just read on FB that Jason's restaurant is open....uncertain hours due to power situation. Bet the locals are thankful for Jason's!

  4. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Goood morning! So nice to start the day with the journal. Being without power must have given you a glimpse of how it was for our ancestors. No questions for a while-in time you'll tell us about it. You have quite enough to do. Try to pace yourself-it'll get done. I'm glad you have your family with you now.