Monday, August 29, 2011

From Indiana...

Dear Friends and Family,

The best I can report is that Philip was tired tonight on the phone. Even though Ocracoke came through Hurricane Irene remarkably well, there are trees and tree limbs down all over the village. Debris is littered about and lots of small incidentals that add up to the bigger picture.

The electricity has been so spotty that most of the time it is not on. He does not hear or see the news. Luckily Philip has a small generator so that he is able to plug in his refrigerator and a small lamp.

He is able to shower, however, he called me to check on the storms on the Outer Banks because he doesn't even know the weather. I advised him not to shower til after 11 when the warnings were canceled.

I think he is lonely...and tired.

Folks should be starting to come home tomorrow which will be wonderful to have friends and neighbors over to share their stories while also sharing gin and tonics.

Hopefully the electricity will be on as well.

Personally, I am back in northern Indiana but will leave in the morning for Texas as I drive my mom to Houston. It will be a quick trip and I will be back within three days. I will, however, continue to help out with the blog til he has electricity and is able.

I think that the best thing for all of you wonderful friends is to let him rest a bit when he gets back on line. He plans on writing an essay for his blog just to share his thoughts.

If you need answers, such as aerial shots or views of Hatteras...that can all be found on line. I know my Facebook pages are full of such.

I am attaching my weekly column at the bottom. Read if you would like, but my feeling aren't hurt if you just pass it by. We have all been through a lot.

Thanks for letting me share my feelings as well as Philip's. He does thank you for all the concern.

Lou Ann

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  1. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Dear Gypsy-Lou You're probably exhausted too. Really appreciate your time. Rest well BLOGGER BUDDY.

  2. Anonymous11:37 PM

    Thank you for all your updates, we all appreciate you taking the time to keep everyone posted. Im glad to hear Philip and Ocracoke are fairing well!

  3. Just a note to say we're still thinking of all of you and hoping that things will get back to normal as soon as possible on Ocracoke. Residents should be back on the island soon, but I know it will take a while for the road to be cleared on Ocracoke, and probably 2-3 months to repair the road further north.

  4. Take care rest well Phillip and all of Ocracoke!

  5. Your article was beautiful Lou Ann. The love you have for that amazing island is evident in every word you write.

    I thank you for keeping us all posted. I wish you safe travels and I wish the island of Ocracoke peace and electricity.

  6. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Loved the article Gypsy-Lou.

  7. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Nice article and love your nick name! Could you possibly live in the groovy red gypsy wagon or just a gypsy at heart! Thanks much for keeping us O-Lovers informed SueM

  8. Anonymous5:18 PM

    from anon.10:09...Hi Sue, I've been reading Lou Ann Homan's blog -stories from a small town-since she started writing about OI. Google it & you will see why I called her Gypsy-Lou. Gee, I hope SHE likes her nickname.


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