Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good news and other thoughts...

Dear Friends and Family,

Just talked with Philip so the cell phones are working now! He is fine, actually Ocracoke is fine. He spent the day walking around looking at the houses of friends and neighbors. Deep Water Theater is fine as well.There is no flooding although their are branches down, which is to be expected. Highway 12 is under water at this time however.

Yes, there is a new inlet cut, it has been confirmed, but not much other news on that. Electricity is coming on sporadically. He had a little at the Village Craftsmen, but then off again.

He hooked up his generator to his refrigerator and is dining on steak and egg salad tonight. Blanch is fine as well.

I am getting most of my information from Facebook (yea Warner and Ed!) and other Internet sources. I am now watching the horrific mess in Vermont.

I was thinking today during those 20 hours of no contact with Philip how we, in this time that we live, need all of this instant information. I often talk about women left at home while their sons, fathers, brothers, husbands go off to sea in the ghost walks. The widow's walk was designed for these women who waited, who held on to family, chores, and love. I know many women must have gone to their graves without ever knowing of their loved ones.

I think of families in Europe sending their children to America to have a better life knowing they may never see or hear of them again.

What hard lives our ancestors lived to make sure we arrived to where we are. We certainly owe a lot to those who came before us to live good lives and do good deeds in our own communities and families.

Anyway, Ocracoke is well and alive, I hope you all are fine as well.

Again, thank you for your love and interest. Take care of yourselves and let's send our thoughts of good wishes up the seacoast.

Lou Ann


  1. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Lou Ann,
    THANKS for the update, know you will sleep better tonight, having heard from Philip. If you had to ride out the storm on any part of the NC Outer Banks, I'm sure Ocracoke was the safes place to be, being it's not directly on the ocean and has survived so many storms in the past you mentioned. Can't wait for my annual week in October, next year the wife wants to make it 2 or 3 different annual weeks, of course it will be Oct-March, being we don't come during tourist season, THANKS again for updates, Philip look forward to hearing from you in days to come..
    Take Care, Nollie

  2. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Thank goodness all is well! Glad you heard from Phillip. Take care and keep us posted!
    THANK YOU~!!!

  3. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Thank you so much for keeping us posted. I am so glad that everyone is safe.

  4. debbie s.7:29 PM

    love hearing good news! :)

  5. bill kostar7:48 PM

    Great news to hear that everyone in the village is safe and that there wasn't much damage. The village has seen an awful lot of storms and seems to have an uncanny knack of dodging the worst. Also, it has wonderfully resourceful residents!
    Also glad that the Deepwater Theater has made it. Anything heard from Philip's "Dancing Man"?

  6. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Lou Ann,

    Fantastic update all around. I'm almost upset that you will soon be in NC full time, we may lose these updates.

  7. Thank you so much for the update. I saw photos online of the new inlet at Rodanthe. Is there also one at Ocracoke?

    I'm glad there wasn't much flooding. Things will be back to normal soon, once the electricity is back on and the water's off the road.

    Everybody take care!

  8. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Most of us will be sleeping better tonight. I will be retiring now. I have some serious praying to do. We've been pleading with God hour after hour...I think He might like a thank you.

  9. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Good night Phillip...good night Lou Ann...Good night Ocracoke. Good night indeed. Thanks be to...God...Allah...Great Spirit...

  10. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Praise God that Ocracoke came through Irene much better than expected!!!! That is wonderful, very uplifting news we all need to hear!

    The new (inlets) is another story though.....repairs will take a long time. It will be done, though!

    Stay focused on Faith and Determination! That can-do spirit is alive and well despite Irene!

    Philip, do enjoy that steak and egg meal! Glad to hear Blanche made it through another storm. I'm sure she has wisdom galore to share about Irene! Stay well and all will be fine one of these days! Hope you all have an extra portion of patience.

    Much appreciation to Lou Ann and Amy for making the "connection" and communicating it to the faithful VC bloggers despite being so far apart.