Sunday, September 19, 2010


Ayyy, Mateys! Today is International "Talk Like a Pirate Day."

So buckle on your cutlass, light slow-burning fuses under your tri-cornered hat, and lift high your tankard of grog. Or at least "talk like a pirate."

If you need help just follow this link:

This month's Ocracoke Newsletter, Looking for the Wahabs of Ocracoke, was written by Dr. James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute. You can read the article here:


  1. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Philip, that must have been some community potluck last night. You are quite in rare form w/ all the pirate talk this Sunday morning! :)

    Do share your "famous" deviled eggs recipe when you have a chance. Would love to see what an Ocracoke Island deviled egg recipe has in it!

    "Igor" has the waves really kicking up this a.m. Have enjoyed viewing the Ocracoke airport web-cam. Lots of white foam on the breakers.

  2. I published the deviled egg recipe in 2008. Here is the link:

  3. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Hello buddy islanders! Thanks 4 letting me know 2-day is "ARRGH" day! I wrote tha book on pirate talk! Have fun & I'll be bringin' 'er round in tha early summer! I'll be Ocracoke bound! :)


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