Friday, September 03, 2010

Questions & Comments

I'm finally getting around to your questions and comments (still, I might have missed some so send them again if I apologies):
  • What is the criteria for cutting power? As far as I know, there was no decision to cut power or water unless lines were down or the tank was perilously low. I think our power was out because lines were down on Hatteras island (our power comes down the banks...we are the end of the line).

  • Thanks for all the updates; Surprises me that the sound-side is highest; would have guessed the surf side. Any intuition why? As hurricanes pass by they push water to the west, across the sound (direction of circulation is counter-clockwise) where it backs up on the mainland. Then after the storm moves north storm winds bring the tide waters back across the island from the sound side.

  • As of 10 PM [Thursday], they still have power on Ocracoke, at least the Ocracoke Harbor Inn webcam shows lights in the distance, plus there are lights on at the airport. (from the obxcams website.) Maybe Philip is being a "tease" and keeping us all waiting! Hopefully things are so calm they are out on the pizer enjoying a conversation or a game of cards! Things were still relatively calm, but the reason I wasn't posting is that I don't have Internet access at my house, and I didn't want to run back and forth to the Village Craftsmen during the night and in hurricane force winds. Maybe another reason was that we were having a great time chatting and drinking gin & tonics!

  • So grateful to know you folks are okay!!! Could you let us know how things are on North Pond and Oyster Creek? I rode my bike up to the Pond and everything looked good. I'm guessing there are no problems at Oyster least I haven't heard of any.

  • Philip is funny - sleeping through a hurricane and the rest of us were awake watching the weather channel. All those that stayed will have some cleanup. Wish we could be [there] to assist. I'll be teaching Zen meditation next week after the Ghost Walks!


  1. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Philip, I'll be down the week of the 18th for Zen...

  2. Anonymous7:47 PM

    One more question. I know you guys move your cars to higher ground, but where would that be?

  3. Any small hill is "higher ground." I have a ridge behind my house, and another behind the Village Craftsmen. One of the highest places in the village is the road just beyond the Horizon Condominiums (across the harbor from the Community Store). Larry Simpson's yard is "high," as is along the road in front of his house (near Ride the Wind surf shop).

  4. We are so glad you all made it through Earl with what sounds like barely a scratch! Nevertheless, as a veterean of 7years in the Keys, I know the planning & response to any cane can be tough job in itself. My wife & I will be up from ATL on Thursday next for our 10th Anniversary, and our first visit to the island! See ya soon!


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