Thursday, September 02, 2010

Just a Few Comments

  • No, I haven't been asked to write my SS# on my arm...or attach a tag to my toe.
  • The storm surge is definitely an issue. However, storm surges for the most part wash up on one side of the island (usually the sound side) and roll over and off on the other side. Unlike in the mountains (with steep riverbanks and cliffs) or on the mainland (where the water can back up) so that deep flooding occurs, Ocracoke is so flat and without deep basins that the flood tide can only get so high. It will eventually flow into the inlets. Only the barrier dunes will keep the surge from washing completely across, and they will be quickly enough places to provide relief.
  • The last seriously high tide was on August 3, 2004. No one was prepared for the tide (it was as high as the 1944 storm) because the storm escalated so quickly from a tropical storm to a full blown hurricane. The most damage was to vehicles (hardly anyone had parked on higher ground). We lost about 500 automobiles then (Hurricane Alex).
  • Don't worry about people on the beach -- at least not yet. I'm going out there in a little while myself to see what the surf is up to. I won't be swimming, just taking a look.


  1. Anonymous12:59 PM

    I just was looking at the web cam at the airport. It looked like there were fools in the water. Birds flying over.

  2. Anonymous1:16 PM

    It looks to me a lot of fools stayed on Ocracoke! When will people learn!

  3. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Please don't think the people who stayed behind are fools. It's their businesses and homes they need to protect and start to fix as soon the storm passes. And they have been through this many many times.

  4. Anonymous2:15 PM

    We're keeping you in our thoughts. We're hoping for the best. With any luck we'll be heading south on Sunday and should get to the island Wedensday or Thursday. Hope to get to see you and thank you for the all the updates. Good luck.
    Carol and Peter - Old Saybrook,CT

  5. Thank you for the continuing updates. I was just talking to a friend and he reports that all of our other mutual friends are staying. There may be some significant damage, but I do not think anybody are fools for riding this one out.
    I am glad to hear that Amy and Dave have taken Lachlan off island due to his impending chest cold.

    A couple of days ago I sent a story via the main page and incorrectly acknowledged the proprietors of Sliver Lake Inn whereas it should have read the Island Inn. I'm sure that you noticed this embarressing flaw that would require correcting should you choose to share it with anyone.

    Anyway, my thoughts and prayers are with all on the island, hoping that it doesn't get worse than expected.

  6. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Would someone be considered a fool if he got into an automobile with his wife and kids and drove down the interstate at 70 mph (the legal speed limit), with large trucks in the next lane only a few feet away? How dangerous is that? Or is that just one of those risks most of us are willing to take because we're used to it (as opposed to riding out 70 or 80 mph wind)?

  7. Anonymous2:46 PM

    What was the above comment about? Duh?

  8. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Philip, I am sorry that people come on to your blog and make stupid, rude comments. I realize you have thick skin and it probably doesn't bother you. I guess the hurricane brings out the trolls that don't normally read your blog. We know you all are not fools for staying to shore up, protect and secure your homes and property. It's not like you haven't done it before!

    We pray that things will calm down soon and that the storm causes less problems than anticipated. We'll see you again after its all over!


  9. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Thanks for the updates Philip.
    The airport web cam is a great resource for those of us visitors curious about what is happening down there.
    I'm sure you'll be safe and good luck.
    Keep posting....

  10. Jorge Avilia3:44 PM

    Estamos orando para todos ustedes. Cuidense. Que Dios les bendiga.

  11. Anonymous3:59 PM

    You are not a fool, you are brave. I would do the same. There are a lot of people keeping you in their thoughts and prayers. Good luck!

  12. Terri O.4:25 PM

    I've been able to watch the airport cam periodically at work today to keep check. While I can get the Craftsmens' site, I.T. has the blog blocked so I'm just catching up at home. Again, thoughts and prayers are with you all. Glad your family left though - a sick child doesn't need to be stranded on the island.

    As for the poster above about being "fools", I'm not sure it was meant as an insult but, rather a statement that we all take risks every day in our lives and many times we weigh the consequences of those risks. Whether we decide to take the risk or not many times depends on the prior experience we have of what we're considering. Philip has plenty of experience in deciding whether to leave or stay.
    Personally, after Isabelle roared through the Richmond area with 50mph sustained winds, gusts to 70, I still remember cowering under the covers all night, listening to trees fall all around - it's not an experience I want to have again!

  13. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Stay safe and keep in touch as much as you can! Richmond, VA

  14. Anonymous5:09 PM

    I was in Hugo and I think I would leave!

  15. Anonymous7:44 PM

    @ the anonymous post at 1:16….It may help you to read up on some of the local history on these fragile islands and their inhabitants. Starting with the early settlers straight thru today, they are very resilient and take care of themselves and each other….some of the nicest people I have ever met. Your comment was rude and unnecessary. For those of us who are fond of Ocracoke, we are very grateful to this blog for keeping us informed.

  16. Anonymous8:13 PM

    On the bright side, perhaps the storm will help clear-up the water in the harbor. As a tourist kid in the 70's (pre municipal water system)I can remember being able to see at least 4' down in the water, watching crabs and whatnot off the dock at the Harborside. Last time I was there a couple years ago, it was all cloudy. Sigh.

    As for storm surge, I have memories of evacuating with my Mom in the family's '72 LeSabre, watching an MG or somesuch ahead of us on the road bailing :)

  17. Anonymous11:38 PM

    Hope all is well on Ocracoke Island. My thoughts and prayers are with all the residents of my favorite island getaway. Arlene Salem, Nh


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