Thursday, September 02, 2010

Public Advisory #7

Hyde County Emergency Services Department
1223 Main St., PO Box
Swan Quarter NC 27885
(252) 926-4372 - Office
(252) 926-3901 - Fax
David Smitherman, Interim County Manager

Public Advisory #7
Date: Thursday, September 02, 2010, 1:30 pm
Event: Hurricane Earl
Media Contact: #252-926-4368 (new number for public and media inquiries)

A mandatory evacuation has been issued for all visitors and residents of Ocracoke as of 5 AM on Wednesday, September 1. There is a hurricane warning for all coastal areas including mainland and Outer banks Hyde. It is a current Category 4 Hurricane with intensity of 145 mph winds. A turn to the northeast is expected later today as Hurricane Earl passes off the coast. The closest path will be around 2-3 am Friday, September 3, which is also high tide. Seas may peak at 30 feet Thursday night and into Friday morning. We are expecting hurricane force (74 mph) sustained winds with gusts up to 90 mph in the Ocracoke area after 10 pm and possibly extending until dawn and tropical storm force wind gusts on the mainland. Overnight mainland Hyde county winds are expected to reach tropical storm force overnight with gusts up to 60 mph. Winds will begin to be a serious threat to Ocracoke by 4 PM today. There is a potential up to 1 foot storm surge for Swan Quarter and Engelhard and an increased prediction of 4-6 foot storm surge on the back side of Ocracoke. Rainfall amounts for Ocracoke Island are projected at 3-5”.

The NC Ferry system is operating on a first-come, first-serve basis for all vehicles open to Hatteras only. Swan Quarter and Cedar Island are secured. The last ferry off the island will be to Hatteras at 3 pm, subject to weather and road conditions. Schedules and toll collections are suspended during the evacuation order. All island residents and tourists must leave immediately. Residents on Ocracoke and the mainland in mobile homes or substandard housing are encouraged to seek proper shelter.

Emergency services, government agencies, commercial vendors delivering essential groceries and supplies, and permanent residential traffic as indicated by purple and green stickers will be allowed on the island via air and marine traffic. The State Highway Patrol shall restrict access without appropriate credentials.

Before leaving, residents and guests in this area should take precautions such as moving cars and equipment to higher ground. Please pick up potential debris that could become unsecure during the storm.

People with medical needs and unique situations are urged to consider their options. All Hyde County public safety services will cease after winds reach 50 mph sustained. Pay attention to Highway 12 on Ocracoke and Hatteras islands as overwash may make the route impassable.

Those seeking shelter may travel to North Pitt High School, 5659 N. Highway 11, Bethel, NC. This shelter will be open at 9 am on Wednesday, September 1. Evacuees are encouraged to register with with the American Red Cross.

This is the only information available at this time. Please tune in to local radio 90.1 FM on the island, the National Weather Service, and local television reports.

As seen in the past, hurricanes are unpredictable and can change with little notice. Residents and visitors need to remain vigilant and not let your guard down.

Hyde County Emergency Services continues to review the latest weather forecasts, is coordinating with the State and nearby counties, and advising citizens on possible actions to protect themselves and their property.

Please make yourselves aware of the state ferry system’s schedule and road conditions before making travel plans during this time and after the storm has passed. Reentry will occur when damage assessments are complete and the island is safe for all to return.

Storm Basis Preparation Initial Checklist: Check First Aid Kits/ Fire Extinguishers, Obtain medicine and prescriptions, Check and fuel vehicles and generators, Obtain cash, Make pet arrangements, Pick up loose items around the yard, Protect vulnerable portions of property, Obtain non-perishable food and water for 3+ days (5+ recommended for Ocracoke), Obtain baby need or personal need items, Check battery powered electronics and generators, Assemble valuables and documents that cannot be replaced easily.


  1. Reggie4:01 PM

    Philip et al,

    Our thoughts are with you all on our winter island home. Let's just hope for no surprises, since they probably wouldn't be good.
    Anegada, the island in the BVI where we go, just got hit and all 7 docks gone, some roofs and restaurants a mess, lots of boats aground. All people are safe and sound though. They are already starting to clean up. We had renters from CA who have stayed in our house often, and they decided to weather it out. The house was like a fortress, with a generator that eventually worked and hurricane protection that let light it. They were real troopers, moving furniture and such inside, etc. But they did great and only the gardens suffered Mother Nature's wrath. Oh well, we always cut it way back in the fall anyhow.

    We know you all will fair well too. And thanks for all these postings. It really helps us to know a little of what's going on and what you all are up against. Much luck and low winds and waters.
    Reggie and George

  2. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Stay safe, Philip. And thanks, as always, for blogging.

    We left the island on the 9:30a Swan Quarter ferry yesterday, after 11 days of vacation.

    All the fine folks on Ocracoke we meet and talk with every year are definitely in our prayers right now!

    -- Bryan and Jodi

  3. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Philip, I believe I just saw your little red truck heading back into town after you went out to the airport beach. (On was that you??

  4. Not me. I don't have a little red truck. Traded it in four years ago.


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