Thursday, September 30, 2010

Morning Update

Tropical Storm Nicole is blowing through Ocracoke. The wind is gusting to about 40-45 mph, but there has been no tide in the village that I am aware of. I left my computers turned on last night (they are in my office at the Village Craftsmen), and the power was out for several hours, so the batteries had died by the time I got here this morning. The power came back on about 45 minutes ago.

According to reports on the porch of the Community Store, lightning struck an electric pole near Quawk Hammock (about five miles north of the village), but it has been repaired.

I have not heard any official report about ferry service, but I can't imagine that the Swan Quarter or Cedar Island ferries are running. Hatteras Inlet ferries may be operating, but I'm not sure. I wouldn't count on it!

According the NCDOT Ferry Information web page: For DMV related questions, you may call 919-715-7000 during normal business hours for an immediate response.
For all other questions, please call 1-877 DOT 4YOU during normal business hours for an immediate response.

In other can read my earlier post about Ocracoke Clam Chowder by scrolling down. I wrote that post several days ago and scheduled it for automatic update early this morning.


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Our latest Ocracoke Newsletter is the story of Ocracoke native Major General Ira Thomas Wyche. You can read the complete story here:


  1. I am glad to hear that things are good on the island. We have had hard rain for several days now in W/S, NC. We are under a flood watch. I always think of Ocracoke when we get alot of rain. Just a normal summer rain can be BIG on the island. Stay dry! How is the thumb doing?

  2. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Wow- it looks stormy on the airport webcam! Hope you are all safe & staying dry. Wish I was in Ocracoke! Thanks for the clam chowder recipe!

  3. We really lucked out on the weather there last week...after Earl and before this!
    Hope everyone there on OI stays safe and dry(-ish).

    Heather & Addison

  4. My thumb is fine. Thanks for asking.


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