Thursday, September 02, 2010

Thursday 9:30 pm update

Hi All, Philip's friend, Warner here, passing on some observations on Hurricane Earl from Philip via phone a few minutes ago. He is currently sitting comfortably in his home, with light rain, and moderate winds outside. He was out to look at the beach earlier, around low tide at 8pm, and the ocean was wild, with high waves, and lots of whitewater [Warner's note: Diamond Shoals recorded 21.3 ft waves just now!]. But so far, back in the village, there is not so much to report.. thankfully. Looks like there are at least some more bands of heavy rain and wind to come, and it is by no means over.

Note that it looks like Frisco Pier has been been hit big time. And for us here in Chapel Hill, NC., a perfect rainbow at sunset.

Expect an quick update later in the evening or early morning from Philip through one of his roving reporters.

Some links...
Half-hourly updates from (the perfectly named) Skip Waters (not related to Ron Burgundy !) on wcti12 here.
Radar updates here and here .


  1. thinking of you all & hoping for minimal impact to you, your families, your wonderful island & homes. peace, m&m (charlotte)

  2. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Thank you Philip and Warner for this update. Be Cool...
    Lake Norman

  3. Thank you Warner for the update. Still keeping everyone in the Outer Banks in my thoughts and prayers.
    Janie from Canada

  4. Thanks Warner
    All details and updates are welcomed
    Love Ocracoke and everything that it has from the beauty to the people

  5. Thank you so much for the updates, Warner. This blog has the best information on the Web.
    Brook in Santa Barbara


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