Friday, September 03, 2010

Hurricane Earl

It is good Philip has such good friends to blog for him and for you. By the way, this is Lou Ann broadcasting to you from Portland, Oregon...a far cry from Ocracoke Island.
You can be assured, however, that I have only been able to think of Ocracoke Island since Earl decided to pay a call.

I talked to Philip at 2:15 this morning. He was asleep (how does one sleep through a hurricane?), but was glad to hear my voice. He said it was very windy and he could hear the branches brushing against the house in the darkness. He also said it is much better to have a hurricane during the day so that you can at least see what is happening.

I told him to go back to sleep as he will probably have a big day tomorrow. I just checked the weather ticker Internet station which said Ocracoke was gusting to 73 miles per hour at 3:00 a.m.

I will continue to keep you up to date until Philip can get back to blogging. So far the electricity was still on and his grandfather's house was holding up as sturdy as it has for 150 years. He also appreciates all your thoughts and wishes knowing that this hurricane will be moving into some of your areas as well.

So, good night from the west coast! Lou Ann


  1. Anonymous4:21 AM

    Lou Ann, what takes you to Oregon?
    Thanks for the Ocracoke update.

  2. Anonymous5:30 AM

    Philip is funny - sleeping through a hurricane and the rest of us were awake watching the weather channel. All those that stayed will have some cleanup. Wish we could be to assist.

  3. Anonymous6:52 AM

    Thank goodness, Lou Ann, you can still blog for Philip! :)

    When hurricane Fran hit our area on September 6th, 1996, I learned that many men in our church slept through everything, but the women held vigil! Some men told me they knew they had better get some sleep because they would be using chain saws the next day for hours and needed the strength! I don't know....all I do know is, I had an invalid husband to think about it and the noise at night (yes, I agree 100 percent with Philip, hurricanes are a 1,000 times worst at night than during the daylight hours) has to be the most uncomfortable & frightening noise!

    I remember I could hear trees falling down around me w/ powerful wind and rain pelting the house, yet I was not able to really see what was going on outside in the harsh elements until the sun came up the next morning. Then, it was all a shock.

    Oh boy, I hope things won't be too bad on Ocracoke Island once the sun does shine.

    What a night! Whew!

  4. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Please keep us posted! God Bless!

  5. Anonymous8:18 AM

    As of 8 a.m. ET, neither links to the Silver Lake Harbor webcam nor the Ocracoke Airport webcam seem to be operational, which means we're all in the dark about Ocracoke now. I noted yesterday the counter on the airport webcam had logged something like 8,300 views; this morning it's over 11,600. Hope the worst of the storm is behind you by now. Looking forward to the first Post-Earl glimpse of Ocracoke.

  6. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Webcams up in Nags Head, Kitty Hawk, and Duck show rain, gray skies, minimal ponding in low-lying areas adjacent to the roads, and even light traffic. Promising signs for a quick recovery, I hope. (Although the "secret word" I've just been prompted to type so that I may enter this comment is "docksub." From the look of things online, I don't think conditions will get THAT bad. Yikes!) ;-)

  7. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Just woke here to turn on the Weather Channel and laptop to check in on Ocrocoke. That you didn't lose electricity is a great sign. Looks like the big system is just about to pass by the island. Hope the damage and clean up isn't severe but know the pressure is on to get ready to for the holiday weekend onslought. Will check in as the day goes on. Hang in there O'Cokers!

  8. Lou Ann - What are you doing on the Left Coast?

  9. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Actually, Ocracoke lost electricity from 4:00 am to 12:00 noon -- total of eight hours -- which explains a lot, including webcams that didi't operate.


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