Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hanging From the Dock of the Bay

David, Lachlan, & I took a ride in the boat yesterday afternoon. The weather has been so magnificent that I have had to take advantage of it as often as possible. We didn't go very far...just for a short scud...and then we anchored in shallow water and went swimming.

When we returned to the slip Lachlan decided to climb up on the dock without waiting for David or me. Our backs were to him, as we coiled line and gathered up our gear. It was a classic case of not being aware of the wind. He reached up and grabbed the dock while his feet were still on the gunwale. Of course the boat slipped away from the dock and we heard a wail. When we turned around his feet were just leaving the boat and he was clutching the dock with both hands. In a fraction of a second he was swinging like a pendulum, and holding on as tight as he could.

I was amazed at how long he held on...actually long enough for us to grab hold of him before he would have plunged feet first into the water. He was a bit shaken, but quickly recovered. Eventually he was able to see the humor in it, but he also learned why we insist that he wear his life jacket in the boat (besides it's the law).

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  1. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Wow! Glad Lachlan is okay, but I guess his "close call" experience hanging for dear life on the dock will be a tale that he'll tell his grandchildren one day! Perhaps another Ocracoke tale to share at a potluck dinner! I'm so thankful the little fellow is fine!!!!!!

    Philip, please share with this NC mainlander what the word "scud" means. I could have looked it up, but I am sure your definition is more interesting to read!

    Also, Linda Scarborough @ OPS was most helpful when I inquired by email about purchasing some quilt raffle tickets. Thanks for the heads up! I hope all your bloggers will support this worthy cause!

  2. I am so glad that Lachlan is alright. I know that really scared him. It must be really nice to just take off for a quick "spend" around the water. Some people just like to show off!
    I would, if I could. Thanks for all you do for keeping us up with what is going on in my home away from home.

  3. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Phillip--Recent postings and comments re. shipwrecked ancestors, "Ay-rabs," and Native Americans make me wonder whether anyone's ever undertaken any sort of genetic study of Ocracoke's most established families. I recall a PBS special documenting the efforts of a geneticist who led a global DNA sampling project to plot the migration/development of the human race over the ages, acrosss the face of the earth. I understand there are even do-it-yourself home-testing kits that can provide such "origin of species" ancestral insights. Just curious whether anyone's ever turned such an anthropological eye toward the comparatively remote shores of Ocracoke.

  4. Anonymous10:28 AM

    as a mother i am horrified. i hope the rules of the proper method to disembark a ship are reviewed. it also presents the chance to discuss the differences between parking a car and parking a boat good lord if that were my child i would have had a heart attack -- rolling with the punches is one thing --- watching a movie with trained professional stunt men is another thing --( if that may be a career move he had a taste of it )and making a life threatening mistake and forgetting the risk and danger in boating is something not to be taken lightly ---- i guess men just get back in the saddle chalk it up to experience--- brush the dust off their shoulders and move on --- keep a stiff upper lip and walk down the legendary path of heroes did he eat wheaties that morning?


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