Friday, September 03, 2010

One of My Favorite Comments

I just have to re-publish one of my favorite comments that was posted during the storm. Many thanks to the anonymous poster for his/her confidence in us.

"I have more degrees than a thermometer in meteorology, twenty years with NOAA as a research scientist (satellites), a very healthy respect for storms like this (combined with a very humble approach to Mother Nature) and after making my best prediction the very next thing I'd do is go to the folks like Phillip because, frankly, they have the experience.

"I don't write this to minimize the risk and you certainly need to prepare for the worst, but with your years of experience AND taking the proper guys will be fine. Ocracoke has a very long history of successfully riding out these storms. Yes, it's a dangerous storm. Yes, there will be damage. Yes, there will be flooding, but Earl is not going to bring you anything you haven't seen before.

"That being said...I'll certainly say a prayer for your safety. Ocracoke has been my "vacation home" too for almost 40 years now. No other place like it in the world.

"Good luck and see you on the other side. I'll be watching the airport webcam for as long as it holds up!"


  1. bill kostar9:14 PM

    Glad to see that you're back up and online and it sounds like the island escaped serious damage. I'll be looking forward to the photos that I feel sure are coming.
    Any word on Portsmouth Island? We visited the village for the first time on our last trip in August and it appeared even more prone to hurricane damage than Ocracoke. Hope the Mehodist church isn't listing more than it was then.

  2. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Glad there was more hype then storm .

    The media made a lot of money on this I'm sure

  3. Anonymous11:47 PM

    That was such a great comment. We're so glad that you, everyone who stayed, and Ocracoke are OK. We still have a wonderful island to visit, and great stories to hear about it. Thanks for all the updates! I hope you don't have too much clean up work to do. Take care!

  4. Bill, I have not heard anything about Portsmouth Island, but my guess is that it fared OK. When I hear something I'll let you know.

  5. Olivia10:45 AM

    This guy obviously knows what he's talking about, because he is a great weatherman and a great father :)

  6. Andy B2:55 PM

    Dear Philip,

    Wow...I feel honored to be posted on the blog (Thank you, Philip) and be recognized by my daughter too - see comment above (Thank you, Olivia). Heh.

    My brother pinged me this morning on Facebook to ask if I was the one lurking around your blog. What a surprise!

    I confess, it sometimes gets a little frustrating to hear the 24-hour hype machine go into overdrive on these things. As I said before, you never want to minimize the threat, but a little perspective can be a healthy thing. Ocracoke has been designed by nature (for the most part) to take the hit from these storms. You pointed this out in your discussion about overwash, etc. The residents too have been designed to take the hit. There's a reason your father's home was still around to restore after so many years. Generations of knowledge and tradition have been distilled down into simple common sense for those who call Ocracoke their home. You said you're not a weatherman, but your forecast was spot on.

    Now I have a question for you, Philip (and sorry for such a long comment). All of this has prompted a discussion here regarding fatalities from hurricanes on Ocracoke. In all my years of reading about Ocracoke from local authors and your posts I have never come across a story indicating an islander had actually perished due to a hurricane. Lot's of frightening stories to be sure, but I don't recall any actual deaths (and not from shipwrecks, etc, but from actual island residents who die as a direct result of a storm). I'm thinking that number is very, very small, but perhaps you could share some of your vast knowledge of Ocracoke history here.

    Thanks so much...I read your blog almost daily for my Ocracoke fix.

    Andy Bailey


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